Body Jewelry

body jewelryThe body jewelry grab bag will consist of a variety of body jewelry. We have eyebrow studs, eyebrow rings, lip rings, labret and Monroe piercing jewelry. The grab bag will be a variety of items.

Some of the rings and eyebrow studs have dice, some have studs, some are colored, some are hearts or stars, some eyebrow studs have skulls or dolphins or a gecko or cross. Some have colored beads, some have stones and some are just silver.

This grab bag is a great deal on our closeout body jewelry. There are just a large variety of body jewelry in this closeout deal. At only $6.00 per 10 items you wont find a cheaper price of quality body jewelry.

Closeout Hair Stuff Grab Bags

Our closeout jewelry grab bags are tons of fun. For just $8 we will give you a bag that contains 12 cards of our close out hair stuff. You never know what you’ll get. Close out hair combs and picks, pony tail holders, closeout barrettes, clearance hair ties, scrunchies, headbands, head wraps, hair clips, hair claws, banana clips, scarves and compact mirrors. Great for birthday parties and more.

Hair Jewelry

Hair gems are a beautiful way to dress up and accentuate your hair. This comes in 2 strands with a metal spring like connection for your hair. The spring is really nice and has a diamond like gem in each end of the spring. You simply stretch the spring and let go when you have the desired amount of hair in it.

This comes with a blond, black or brown string with diamond like gems connecting down the string. The gems are about every 1 1/2 inches or so. This gorgeous hair jewelry is perfect with your hair up or worn down. This is a perfect way to spice up your hairstyle within only a few minutes. For work, play, or a special event.

The hair jewelry is a very popular for weddings too. The bride may choose to wear the hair gem jewelry in her hair and even have her bridesmaids hair matching hers. This is a simply elegant way to accessorize your hair. This strand of hair gems comes with 2 per package and they are about 15″ in length.

If your hair is shorter all you need to do it trim the string for desired length. The color choices when ordering are based on the color of the string. This is to blend the string color with your hair color so that just the diamond like gems show. This gorgeous hair jewelry is at our everyday cheap wholesale price of only $1.00 each.

Wallet Chain

Skull wallet chain $1.00 each

This wallet chain is unique in that it is not only a chain but also has two sizes of skulls in the design. The skull chain itself is about 20″ inches in length. Then it has a nice durable claw like clasp that attaches to your belt buckle and a nice 1″ inch diameter hoop. The silver skull wallet chain is such a nice quality. This is perfect for the man in your life or for yourself. This wallet skull chain is available at our everyday wholesale price of only $1.00 each.

Wallet Chain $1.00 each

This wallet chain is silver in color and a heavier thicker chain link. The chain link itself is about 19″ inches in length with a 1 1/2″ inch clasp connector that attaches to your belt buckle with the other end having 1″ inch diameter loop that connects to your wallet. This is a perfect gift for the man in your life or for yourself. This wonderful wallet chain comes in only silver. We are offering the wallet chain at our everyday wholesale cheap price of only $1.00 each.

Enter Contest to Win 12 Pairs Or Pieces of Free Jewelry

We are giving away 12 pcs of free fashion jewelry away in a drawing. The free costume jewelry will be our choice, plus free shipping to one lucky winner. The free jewelry giveaway will be an assortment of our jewelry that we have carried on

In order to enter the contest you must be subscribed to our youtube channel(click below to subscribe)and a leave a comment below stating, “I am entering the 12 piece free jewelry drawing”. You must include your youtube name and email address so we can contact you if you win. The drawing for the winner will be on Newe Years day 1/1/2013. If the winner doesn’t respond within 3 days we will draw for a new winner. Good-Luck

Congratulations to Chiquita Ford for winning our last drawing.