Charm Beads

charmsThese charming glass beads are what many call imitation Italian murano glass blown beads. This glass bead is designed to fit the pandora style of bracelet and is made of glass. This glass bead charm bracelet bead comes in a variety of patterns and colors to choose from.

The glass murano style bead will vary slightly is size of glass and pattern because they are always one of a kind. The beautiful charm bracelet bead is perfect. They are made of glass and most are stamped with the .925 sterling silver center.

The center measures the standard hole Diameter: 4.5 mm. The sterling silver murano glass European style beads are gorgeous. This style of bead has been called the love bead, heart of mine bead and many other names.

The glass charm bracelet bead is the perfect way to express yourself. This is a high quality glass murano style bead. The glass and silver charm bracelet beads are available for a limited time only and are at the cheap wholesale price of only $0.25 per bead

Charm Bracelets

This silver colored charm holder bangle is a smaller bangle. We brought this charm bracelet in order to accommodate the murano beads we carry. They have exceeded our hopes and are such a beautiful compliment to the murano beads. Without any charms on it; it is about a size 7 bangle. Once charms or murano beads are added it is more like a size 6 bangle.

This unique bangle is so nice because on each end of the bracelet there is a small ball that not only holds the charms in place but they are also designed to screw off when placing the charms on the bracelet. You can purchase this item at $1.00 each or a package of 5 small silver charm holding bracelet for only $3.75. Remember, this is available at our everyday wholesale price.