Guide To Choosing A Diamond Setting – Styles and Descriptions

viintage jewelryWhat is a diamond bezel setting?

A bezel is a circle of precious metal that wraps around the loose diamond. A diamond bezel setting is quite popular and is often used for diamond pendants.

The bezel is secured to the top of the diamond ring and adds height and another dimension to the diamond setting. A bezel is sometimes ‘split’ into two halves around the diamond. This is called a half bezel diamond setting.

This technique is often used for a fancy cut diamond — with precious metal around the wide curve and a section of precious metal ensconcing the narrow end.

What is a Pave diamond setting?

When the surface of any diamond ring seems to be covered with clusters of tiny diamonds, the technique is called Pavé which literally means paved. This moniker is entirely appropriate given that the surface looks like a typical paved street of cobblestones.

These smalls diamonds are individually set by hand in tiny holes that have been carved out of the ring shank. The diamonds are set in rows, so that they occupy the entire space of the diamond ring. The better the cut quality of the diamonds, the better the brilliance and beauty of the completed diamond ring.

Each tiny diamond, often weighing just a few points in carat weight, is traditionally cut with 58 facets and set in its hole. Small metal bits from the top of the ring are pushed over the diamond to secure the stone in place.

The Pavé technique is a demanding technique that is successfully accomplished in the hands of a patient and extremely skilled diamond jeweler. Verragio is a designer brand of engagement rings who excels in the pave diamond setting technique. You can find out more about them at the link above.

The price and cost of any pave diamond setting is largely influenced by the incredible amount of hand labor that goes into the production of a jewelry item of this nature.The better the skill of the jeweler, the better the overall design will look, with a seamless beauty of dazzling diamonds throughout.

What is a channel diamond setting?

Channel diamond settings are most often used in the form of diamond eternity rings and bands. Channel settings feature smooth and elegant lines that contrast and support the beauty of any well cut diamond.

Channel settings have the ability to protect the integrity of your diamonds in a way that not mny other diamond settings can. Since none of the diamond edges are exposed, they are not subject to hard knocks and abrasions.

What is a bar channel diamond setting?

A variation of the channel diamond setting, is called the bar channel. Here, there is also a separation of precious metal between every diamond in addition to the channel on the sides of the ring.

The diamond cluster setting is a diamond ring where the stones are arranged in the form of a stylized flower, or done in a very specific type of arrangement using small diamonds of equal carat weight.

Diamond cluster setting

Although there are other styles of diamond settings, the few styles above are considered the most popular and are most often used in diamond jewelry creations.